How to sell drugs on darknet?

How can i sell drugs on internet?

How to become a vendor on dream market?

We made a tutorial for you how to sell safe and successful your drugs on darknet whiche is a hidden part of the internet also called deepweb.We decided to show you this to make a Dream Market vendor tutorial.

  1. Open an Dream Market Account how we show on our Dream Market Tutorial here in step 1 and 2.
  2. Go to Vendor Application whiche is on the right site of the main page.If you dont see it than press your Username at the top of the page to go to the main page.
  3. After you did it explain you that you have to pay a vendor bond of 0.1 btc, whiche you get back after 31 days when you stop your operation as a vendor.Thats just because there are so many scammers.


Okay now i tell you my advices that the police will not catch you.

All hardware and software knowledge

  • Use a computer you never use for anything else than sell drugs.
  • Buy a mobile, buy a sim card anonymously, use only that to connect with internet.
  • Buy a wireless stick, dont use the hardware for wireless inside your computer.A wireless stick gives you a another mac adress than you computer real has.This point is not so important because anyway you use the computer only for that, but is one small thing more to be more safe.
  • Get Tails, Tails is an operation system like windows.Tails based on Linux and is not on your harddrive.You have always to start that from a usb stick.I dont explain how it works because when you download it they show you exact how it is working, here.
  • Never save anything on your computer on harddrive, and if you do please encrypt everything.For that use veracrypt, here.
  • All your passwords best way would be to have it in your brain, but no one could do that.So use a password manager and have the password for the manager in your brain.Use Encryptr from Spideroak, here.
  • To encrypt messages the buyer can use the intern encryption tool of dream market ( easy way to read and write )or is use a pgp software tool.To write and read those message you also need a software, use gpg4usb, here.


All vendor knowledge

  • The best way to be anonymously always write in english, your support, your profile description or the product description.
  • Dont answer to any private question, some ask where are you from, what city or country.Of course tell them from whiche country but not more info.Never give your mail adress or your wallet adress or any other way to contact you than on the market.Dont give them jabbber.NOTHING!
  • Dont meet by person doesnt matter what they say, for instant they like to buy kilos but on internet.
  • Dont use a nickname whiche friends know, use a username whiche never was connected to your person.
  • All selling do through the market.
  • After a order is arrived and done throw all the evidence away.Keep it for 1 Month so you know that the buyer has it.Or when it is a escrow order and it is finalized than throw it.
  • Use always different mail boxes.Dont go inside the office to give it up.Only use people for this you the will not snitch you, but the best is when you have a friend whiche has postoffice in his shop.or use a shop where they have a post office inside without camera.Just if you offer, sending with track and trace or priority.
  • Always use gloves, always.Use a hairnet and a mask for your mouth, to leave no fingerprint or dna.
  • Take everyday before start working a shower so no hairs or skin will come in the package.
  • Close the packages good, first use small plastic bags and than vacuum sealing with the machine and the special bag for it.2 Times.
  • Before putting the product in the post carton clean it with alcohol.To do it buy a bucket / pail fill it with alcohol.Open it put the plactic bag into the alcohol take it out and dry and clean with a cloth.After do it on the floor to get real dry.
  • Best way is when you have your product, cocain, heroin what ever pack all you have in different sizes clean it and make it ready just to send it.All that whiche is packed and cleaned you must store it away from where you leave.If you life in the same appartment/house where you work.Use a room only for this.To work and hide the things.
  • Never,Never tell to anyone.Only tell people whiche they have to know because you need them for that work.But never tell them all.If you have one for bring the things to mail box dont tell him where you, where you hide.Never tell your dealer how you sell, where you sell.If someone is doing support dont tell him anything.And know one has to know to know your Vendorname.Please.
  • Maybe you a old friend, your best friend.Do not tell him.If you tell him hey dont say to anybody what i told you.He will have another best friendĀ  whiche he tells and also says hey dont say to anybody.That will continue, continue..