Dream Market Tutorial

The official Dream Market Tutorial


I show you how to register, how to use and how to buy on Dream Market.

Dream Market Tutorial


1.Download the special Browser Tor.You need it to visit onion sites.


2.First sign up an account account Dream Market.That is free.For this you need choose a Username, Password, Withdraw Pin and solve the captcha.



3.Search the product you like with over a categorie or search box.



4.Visit the product, read the info about it good.Not that you have surprises about quantity or quality.



5.Before buying read good the feedback and rating of other buyers.When the Vendor has a rating down than 4.7 think about if you buy or you buy just with escrow.



6.When i choosed the product and when you did read all about the seller.Process the order and choose the kind of delivery.



7.Give your Name, Adress, Post, City and Country to the Vendor.Use “encrypt message” if you dont know how to encrypt with pgp software.


Finish your order.Dont get worried when your order didnt arrive after few days.Its normal the Post/Fedex/UPS … can not always be there in a day.At least wait a week before you write a vendor otherwise everyting takes more time because the seller has to put to much time in support.Normal your order arrives 2-5 days.