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Dream Market is the oldest & best Darknet Market.Its the most legit and with the most and best offers.Register is free.You need to choose a username, password, and withdraw pin.

Please write down everything good or take a login and pin whiche is for you easy to remember.

I give you a short Tutorial, questions and answers.On the other site in the menu you will find a real Dream market Tutorial.

  1. Download Tor Browser
  2. Copy and paste the Dream Market Link you see up in the beginning of my website.
  3. Go on “Register”, there fill in a user, password and pin.Solve the captcha.
  4. You are ready to buy.Now you need to buy Bitcoins.For this you can go many exchanges.Before you buy your Bitcoin open a Bitcoin online wallet on blockchain.info  Its the fastest to open an account.Or transfer the coins direct from the exchange to your Dream market Wallet.
  5. Transfering your Bitcoin to Dream Market, after you login go on “Wallet” there you see your adress.To that you send it.But note that the adress is only valid one week, after one week the adress change.
  6. When the coins arrived you can go to the “categorie” and find over that the product or you use the “search box”.
  7. Before you buy from a vendor (seller) always read his reputation and comments about him whiche other buyers left.When a vendor has less than 4.7 reputation dont buy.Believe thats better, you can but just with “escrow”.
  8. After you choosed the item and the way of delivery there is the adress box.If you know how to use “pgp2 use it, whiche encrypt the message.But when you are new make a cross on “use dream market pgp” than your message will be anyway encrypted.
  9. Before you process your order check all again.Is it the rifght product?Is your name and adress all right?If yes process and you have bought successfuly.

Please dont write the vendor after 1-5 days why the packges is not arrived.Even he writes 2 days it will arrive you know the Post can not be always fast.The more a buyer write him the more time it takes because the seller always has to do suppport.So that takes his time.

Question and Answers! All about Dream Market.The oldest and biggest darknet market.

Q & A Dream Market:


What is the original Dream Market Url?



What is Dream Market?

Dream Market is a Darknet Market, where you can buy services, drugs and more things for free thinking people.


How can i visit Dream Market?

Dream is on a .onion site as part of the Tor onion network.To visit those you need the Tor Browser.Its free.


Is it a legit Darknet Market?

Dream is the most legit Darknet Market.It is the best, biggest & oldest.


Why does it has the ending .onion?

Because the items they sell are not legal everywhere, for that it has to be on a onion site.To track onion sites back to a hoster it is almost impossible.And for you as buyer is that also saver.


What is the Tor Browser?

Tor is a browser whice gives you the possiblity to visit site whiche are part of the Tor onion network.Before it brings ypu to the site it sends you over other several severs.So noone can know your real IP.

You can use Tor also for normal site in clearnet.


How can i pay on Dream Market?

To pay on Dream Market you can only with Bitcoin (BTC).


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a internet online currency.Whiche can be use for anonymous payments.


Where can i buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoins you can buy on many exchanges.

  • bit4coin.net
  • binance.com
  • anycoindirect.eu
  • btcdirect.eu
  • Cex.io


What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

Bitcoin Wallet how the name says is the wallet for your coins.Where you can hold your BTC.


How can i withdraw money btc to Dream Market?

After you register and login go to “Wallet”.There you see an adress made out of numbers & letters.Thats your Bitcoin adress where to send.Go on your wallet and send yout coins to there or when you buy it on the exchange give to them direct the Dream Market Wallet adress to send there.


How long does it take until my coins arrive?

Sometime few minutes but at least 1 or 2 hour.Dont become crazy it can take also a day.


What meens Escrow?

Escrow gives you the safety to be sure not to get fucked.When you use escrow to buy the Vendor/Seller will get your money just when you will release the coins after the order arrived.Not every Vendor offers escrow service.


What is a Vendor?

Vendor is the seller.Dream Market isnt a shop.It is more like Ebay.There are buyers and sellers.


How do i have to write my adress to the seller?

  • Name
  • Adress
  • Postcode and City
  • Country

Check all before you will process the orders.


What is PGP?

PGP meen “pretty good privacy” it encrypt your messages when you send your name and adress to a vendor.

But no problem you dont have to know more if you dont like jsut use the intern PGP encryption of Dream Market.

When you ordered you will get to the site where you have to give your name and adress.There do make a cross on “Use intern Dream Market PGP Encryption”


How can i send messages with PGP?

Like i explained.


What if i lost my Dream Market password, how can i recover it?

When you lost the password no problem go to “I lost my Password” there fill in the username and your withdraw pin.So can recover the password.

So please please use a Pin whiche is for you easy for remember.